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Well Being

Bubbles of Tenderness

A spa garden by the sea in Bandol.

A unique experience whatever the season. 

A relaxing break even in winter!

A romantic spa in winter, a daring bet for an incomparable moment of well-being.

The hot water massaging your body and the fresh air on your face will give you a very pleasant feeling for a moment of optimal relaxation. 

The temperature changes between entering the spa, the session and leaving the spa will energize your body and have a particularly invigorating effect. 

Excellent for health.

A great experience to try at least once in your life. 

And you, would you be ready to take up this challenge?

Sweet break

Cool balneotherapy: Fresh water with sea salt stimulates blood circulation and quickly tones the feet and legs. Invigorating effect guaranteed. A moment of great relaxation for body and mind. 

Pédispa: A vinegar foot bath with astringent and antiseptic properties. This regenerating ritual recharges the skin with essential minerals and purifies it. A real pleasure for the senses.

Tisanerie: We offer a relaxation area with herbal tea and provide you with organic tea or fresh fruit juice. Take advantage of your stay in Bandol to relax in peace. 

Spa and wellness

To take care of yourself and recharge your batteries with: the counter-current swimming spa pool, the luxury jacuzzi, the solarium, the pedispa, the tropical shower beach hut, the herbal tea room, the hammock, the pétanque court, the fitness area, etc.

Information: all our pools are maintained with cleaning and disinfection, requiring time, thank you for your understanding.

The temperature is programmed with daily monitoring. Filtration is automatic for better sanitary treatment of bromine bath water.

Located in downtown Bandol, near Rènecros beach.