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Environmentally friendly

Sustainable Travel

Our small gestures can help the planet

At Dream House & Spa Bandol****, we are committed to promoting environmentally friendly travel. And we need you to achieve these goals:

  • Waste recycling: put your bins in the wheelbarrow
  • Natural Soap Refillable Dispensers
  • Returnable and reusable chilled glass water bottle
  • Guests bring and reuse their towels
  • Dual flush toilet with rainwater recovery
  • Decorative shower head and pressure reducing hand shower
  • Air conditioning with intelligent shutdown when the room is unoccupied
  • Central heating with temperate medium temperature
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa: programmed temperature and automatic filtration
  • Organic breakfast food: vegetable garden, chicken coop, Bandolais artisans

We have many opportunities to drive positive change. We want to add our stone to the building, counting on your support, to help us develop our activities in a sustainable way.